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EnviroApps Inc prepares future professionasl candidates in very little time, which leads them to a sustainable career in the field of Information Technology (IT). At EnviroApps Inc, we have over 20 years of experience in IT solutions, training, and placement. We have developed a system where novice work on real-time projects involving database problems and solutions. Individuals (Students/Interns) will get to learn about the best practices in the IT industry. Starting with an introduction, interns are given an overview of all the database technologies we specialize in. Then with the help of our highly qualified staff, individuals get the opportunity to pick the field of database technology they would like to earn experience in. Interns are provided with all the necessary software, training guides, and professional assistance.


 At EnviroApps Inc, we understand that the best, most constructive learning experience comes by working on real-time projects in a team environment. We provide hands-on training, assess progress, and give them feedback on their strengths and weaknesses on a regular basis. Individuals also receive help with resume-building near the end of training; as we simultaneously start marketing them to prospective clients. Our trained professionals usually get hired for short/long term database related projects with renewal options or, in some cases permanent jobs. We have prepared professionals and sent them to wide range of clients including but limited to such as  Citibank, Darden Restaurants, Signature Consultants, Tupperware, Orange County Government, Silverchair, Cignex, Ned Davis Research and more. All the clients were more than satisfied with our trained professionals who exceeded their expectations.

At EnviroApps Inc, you will have opportunities to work with our Global Team and offices and get experiences with International projects in various diversified domains. We specialize in databases and latest innovative technologies.

Come join EnviroApps Inc - A Stepping Stone to your Professional Careers.


Our training process follows the philosophy of Agile Manifesto emphasizing the working software and fixed intervals, Customer collaboration, individual’s interactions and rapid response to change. We extensively transfer our knowledge and experience to you in record time with your help and potential. Visit us in our IT DATA DEN to discuss how it can be done.  You can also use DATADEN FORUM to discuss on data and IT related topics.